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Friday, October 7, 2011

Fall is coming!

Martin Luther King Monument. This was sooo amazing!

At the White house and the beautiful anniversary flowers Bryce got me!
Happy 26th Birthday Brycee!!!
Pro Karts... super fast and fun!
Rocking the helmet.... or not....
It is starting to get chilly in the mornings and I can see some leaves beginning to change!! The fall is definitely here! We are getting so excited for the holidays! We are flying to Vegas for Thanksgiving to spend the holiday with Bryce's family and then we will be flying home to Vernal for Christmas! I cannot believe it is already that time of year!
I met with a psychologist yesterday and she networked me with some job names and leads that she thinks would be good for me. She also helped me figure out where to submit my request to have my license in PA. We will see how that all goes, but at least i am getting started!
Bryce is doing really good at his job. He is getting used to being a manager and all the stuff that goes along with it! I am so proud of him!
We had a great anniversary/Bryce's birthday weekend! I cannot believe a year has passed since we were married! Time sure does fly!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What we have been up to lately :)

We went to Washington DC last weekend and it was amazing!! We got to see so many amazing landmarks and one of my favorites was the Martin Luther King Memorial. It is new and it was so incredible. The stone work was so detailed that you can even see the veins in his hands. It was just a fantastic weekend!
This upcoming weekend is our 1 year wedding anniversary and Bryce's 26th birthday. I cannot believe how fast that has all crept up on us!! We are getting excited for the leaves to begin changing. Word has it that out here the world looks like it is on fire when the fall leaves hit their peak changing time. With how gorgeous and green it has been I can only imagine how wonderful it will be with the autumn coloring! I will certainly post pics once it starts changing!
I have heard from a few people that they keep trying to comment and the blog won't let them. I believe to comment you must become a "follower" of the blog. I think it is really easy to do, especially if you have a facebook account. Anywho, become a follower!! Hahhaha.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Officially licensed!

I am an official AMFT!! Yay!!
If you go to:
click on "verify a license"
then search for me Cassandra Pickett
You will see me and my license #!! I am offically a Marriage and Family Therapist!!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Not today so let's go with no...?

Why does a chiropractor need to know if you have EVER had:
  • Piles (rectal hemorrhoids)
  • Problems wetting the bed
  • Jumpy when you hear strange noises at night
  • Loose bowels
  • Times where you felt unpopular or wished you had friends around
  • Getting annoyed at people who frustrate you
  • Do you belch a lot after you eat
  • Does every little effort wear you out?
  • Must you do things slowly to do them without mistakes?

and lastly

  • Does it bother you to eat anywhere other than your home?
I answered "no" to these questions because I thought to myself, why do you need to know this? And, I didn't have any of them that day specifically so I figured it was okay.. :)
What a weird compilation of questions.

Hurricanes, tornados, and earthquakes.. oh my!

Well it is official and the testing has been done. If there are more than 1 Averill bloodline humans on the east coast at any given time, natural disasters strike. Nellie gets to Baltimore while dad and I are in Pennsylvania... boom... earthquake. Just to let us know mother nature is serious she sent along a hurricane and tornado watch to hammer it in. It has been quite eventful on the weather front. There was some big time flooding over the last week, but aside from this I think things are starting to settle down!
Bryce and I have been having trouble with one set of keys. They don't unlock easily and sometimes you have to jimmy the lock for about 15 minutes to get the doors unlocked. We look like we are breaking in to our house 50% of the time. The other night we officially had to break in! Bryce locked the storm door on door A and I locked the main door on door B (bad combo if you have the crummy set of keys) without knowing. We got home around 10pm and could not get in. The crummy keys were tried for 30 min along with Bryce trying to card open the doorlock. I used a bobby pin on the storm door with no luck. All the windows are locked (good job Cassandra for being so paranoid) and there is literally no getting in. We have the window units on the second floor so we drove the truck up to the house really close and Bryce hopped on top and jumped to the window ledge. The plan was that he would push the ac unit to the floor and crawl in. That was all great until the ledge started to breaking......
What do intelligent people do at this point? Give up? Sleep in the truck bed? Well Bryce and I tried the other window on the other side of the house :) After almost crashing into our new car, we got the truck on the sidewalk and attempted the stunt again. We couldn't push the unit out or it would break so I held it to the side with one hand while bryce levitated to the window and tried to pull himself up. I had one had to give his foot leverage and the other holding the unit. He was dangling from the window from his fingertips trying to push off my hand while I struggled balancing the two equal weight objects ;) It was ridiculous! Luckily, skinny Bryce was able to shimmy through the tiny window crevice and save us. I will attach a picture of this disgustingly small crevice. Good thing he is soo skinny!
The tiny square on the left.... yeah, that is it..

Monday, August 15, 2011

Cross Country Trip

Dad and I got the car all loaded up and said our goodbyes to family and friends on Saturday. All started off well until we stopped at McDonald's for breakfast and the worker was a mutant to me. She wouldn't allow me to use the menu any longer (why you say? Good question) so we only had half an order and had to drive away and find a Burger King. This took 45 minutes because all we could find were more McDonald's (which were boycotted for obvious reasons).
From here we headed on to Wyoming and this was interesting...... There were times we thought "how pretty" and other times I was looking for a match to light it up. When we passed the "Get Nailed Nail Salon" I was searching for that match hard :). Nebraska was cool and we had the the best steak dinner either of us have ever had!! Lunch the next day was equally amazing!!
Iowa felt a lot like Nebraska and the lack of mountains was a quite weird!!
Chicago was AMAZING!! We went to the skydeck at Sears Tower (now called Willis Tower apparently) and it was sooooooo amazing! The view was fantastic and the skydeck was unreal. They are glass windows built out of the building and you are standing on glass 1300 feet above the city!! I will post the pictures once we are all settled. The Chicago style pizza was the best pizza either of us have ever had also! Undescribable! We took a double decker bus tour and really enjoyed the city feel. We are already saying we need to fly back and visit again!
On the way out of Chicago we got lost.... then we made it to Indiana and got lost again....
We got on track and paid our toll booth fee but found out we were on the wrong road once again... so we stopped for some ice cream :)
We are now in South Bend Indiana in a nice and clean hotel room and are anxiously anticipating going to Notre Dame in the morning and then on to Clevland Ohio!!
There have been many hysterical laughters and good times! I only wish I could write all the great stuff we have seen and done. This is proving to be a fantastic trip.
Can't wait to see Bryce!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bags are packed

The movers came yesterday and loaded everything up! It was weird and lots of odd things happened but it is done none the less. Thank goodness Christopher was there to help me and witness yesterdays moving dilemmas!! Dad and I are on the road this Saturday!! Some of you have already made bets as to when we will get arrested... we will see who wins!!

Bryce is doing well in PA. He is soo excited to get me there and have more in his house than an air mattress and a fork!! Can't wait to see him :)